Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You're Invited...

A King and His only son have invited you to come... to sit with them, to share life with them for eternity.  And not just to come, but to come just as you are.   You see this isn't a one time only party, this is a lifetime celebration, one that promises peace and eternal life.  An invite that says to come, even in rags of unworthiness, as the gates will still swing open wide.  To come sinner, just the way you are... to find what your soul has been longing for and with every expectation, great and small... come.

As I walk this life here on earth, I struggle with what I deem "fit" for me and what God says He desires for me.  I still find myself picturing what I believe my life and world to look like, and that may not line up with what God wants.  But in the midst of finding God's way over my way, I find myself on bended knee in my rags of unworthiness as He so patiently and lovingly invites me in... to stay, with Him, forever.