Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sundance, Rotation Four

Man how time flies!! 12 weeks until graduation and only 11 until I finish up at my internship. It has been a wonderful and amazing experience. I actually started my fourth rotation last week (unexpectedly). Most all the other interns are on a semester rotation with practicum, whereas I'm on a quarterly rotation at my school. Because of this my supervisor needed to move around the rotations and I began working with the adolescent group 6 weeks earlier than expected... and I LOVE it!! Right now the group is pretty small (6 kids) and mostly lower functioning and with aggression issues. I'm actually pretty surprised with myself how well I'm able to ignore the random outbursts and attention-seeking profanity...if only I had that ability when I was growing up towards my big brothers ;-)

Within this group we currently have an eating disorder patient and I think she is great. You can't really have favorites in my career field, but I must say I see a lot of who I used to be in this girl and absolutely enjoy working with her and her fighting spirit. She is amazing, funny, and compliant in working with her treatment team. I didn't get to see her in the beginning, but I know from what she has shared that all along treatment has been her idea and she is fighting incredibly hard to take care of herself and get back to her Senior year of high school and her friends. This girl gets it and she is motivated to get better and stay better.

During all this time I've gotten to know the staff better as well and truly enjoy working with everyone. I'm mostly looking forward to September 13 (the beginning of the end) and finishing up this journey. What a journey it has been and most importantly a significant part of my testimony.

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