Thursday, August 25, 2011

Currently Loving...August 2011 Version

I haven't done this in a very long time, but it always seems to remind me of the unique design that God had when He created me.

....His songs of worship over me
....early morning runs in the darkness and stillness of the new day
....knowledge of a new career
....anxiety of change/transition
....sitting in the presence of my Savior daily (multiple times)
....dancing around like a fool in the living room of my apartment
....singing at the top of my lungs in my 1999 Corolla I affectionally call "Captain"
....the role of Aunt Cristyn to 9 wonderful nieces/nephews...8 here on earth, 1 in Heaven
....the role of encourager, to strangers, friends, co-workers, family, church community
....being encouraged in a season of so much unsettledness
....that your flesh may feel lonely, but you are never alone
....the challenge of a half marathon only 14 weeks away
....the joy of entering a new decade of life in a few months
....the continued dream of a helpmate and family of my own
....laughter, at myself, over something super silly
....remembering that I'm animated and expressive and I have a peace about that
....writing once again
....renewed hope for a passion that has been growing since the age of 14
....the excitement and nervousness of the unknown
....learning who He truly is and how to place all my trust and hope in HIM

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