Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let Me Introduce Myself To You...

"I'm not trying to hide anything
I wear it on my sleeve
I wear it on my sleeve
I'm not trying to be something I'm not
This is all I've got
This is all I've got"*

Not perfect, but perfectable.  Dancing Queen.  Karaoke Shining Star.  Counselor.  Friend.  Aunt.  Daughter.  Sister.  Niece.  Cousin.  Granddaughter.  Confidant.  Beautiful Creation.  Coffee consumer.  Half marathon trainee.  Southern Methodist University Alum.  Amberton University Alum.  Lake enthusiast.  Mountain enthusiast.  Beginner Kayaker.  Writer.  Loving.  Compassionate.  Lovely.  Passionate.  Fighter.  Head Cheerleader for the Under Dog.  Tom Hanks enthusiast. Romantic Comedy/Drama/Action Packed Movie Connaisseur.  Cherry Coca-Cola Consumer.  Ballpark Hot Dog Lover.  Texas Rangers Fan.  Beginner College Football Fan.  Jesus Freak.  Rule Follower.  Peacemaker.  Believer of all things "impossible."  Wine enthusiast.  Carnivore.  Disciple.  Prayer warrior.  Animated.  Captivating.  Dutiful.  Dreamer.

"I hope you stare just long enough to see
The heart that's beating here inside of me
Beyond all of the things you may think you know
I'm just a kid trying to make it home, that's it"*

*MercyMe; No More, No Less 

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