Monday, February 15, 2010

The Spirit Within Her

Have I told you I volunteer at Children's Medical Center (CMC) Dallas twice a month? Well, I do... and I love it. And I'll be honest, with my crazy busy and weary schedule there are some times when I don't feel like going, but boy does God meet me there... everytime, without fail! And this past weekend was no different, in fact I think the encounter I had just served to further confirm a peace that I've had growing slowly in my heart for about a month now. Two of my duties while at Children's are to sit with kids who are unable to leave their rooms or to help out the Child Life Department in the Playrooms on one of the floors in the C tower. Lately there has been a great need for sitting so I've grown accustomed to that more often than not. This past Sunday (Valentine's Day to be exact) I had the privilege and honor of sitting with an 11-year-old girl who exuded the love of Christ and such a beautiful spirit. The details I carry I'm unable to share with you, but I can share that she lost her mom on February 7. So heartbreaking, especially for a young child, but this young girl doesn't miss a beat. She is fully aware of all her surroundings, doesn't hesitate to call you out or to ask questions when she doesn't know who you are or what you're doing in her room. She also isn't afraid to ask for what she wants, I admire that tremendously. We talked for the majority of the time I had with her (only an hour) about her mom and about one of the last interactions she had with her. We talked about how her grandmother cares for her and her younger brother and how she and her grandmother are trying to be positive so that her brother's spirits remain high. She talked about missing her mom, but that she was glad she wasn't hurting anymore. We laughed and talked about how her mom was probably in Heaven at that moment dancing, singing, and running with Jesus. I wish I had known her, she sounds like a remarkable woman and most definitely has a remarkable daughter.

Things look so different through the eyes of a child. Things are just more simple and in the 7 1/2 months I've spent volunteering at Children's, my perspective has change immensely. These kids have helped change my heart and grievances that I've held so tightly onto that more often than not only bring sin and bondage than freedom. I see how incredibly blessed I am through the eyes and perspectives of each one of the kiddoes I encounter at the hospital and I hope that they realize how much they've changed my life. The timing of everything has been perfect and as I embark on a 2 month hiatus from my position at Children's I look forward to returning in May and seeing how else God is going to use this amazing opportunity to change my life. I'm not the same person I was a year ago, in fact I'm not even the same person I was a month ago. This has been a tremendous growing pain and I look forward to seeing where it ultimately takes me.

I pray that I too would have a spirit within me that exudes with peace and the love of Christ that clearly shines through that young girl.

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Our Family said...

Children's is an amazing place. That is awesome that you volunteer there. I did my internship there this past fall and would love to work there after graduation! :)