Monday, April 23, 2012

Until I...

"This vision is for a future time.  It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.  If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place.  It will not be delayed." ~ Habakkuk 2:3 (NLT)

It seems fitting that this verse is today's scripture to add to my 2012 collection of scripture cards.  It fits perfectly right where I'm at.  God has given me a vision... multiple visions actually, but with each vision comes a specific time.  Do I know that time frame, do I know at exactly what day, time, or hour the vision will come to fruition?  No, I don't.  And I'm realizing that there's so much freedom and excitement in not knowing what, when, where, or how.  It's just been in the last month and really in the last couple of weeks that I've stumbled upon this peace.  In fact I had the privilege of sharing this with a dear friend today, telling her that in the midst of all I've seen and been surrounded by over the last year, and more specifically over the last 8 (almost 9 months) I realize I am incredibly blessed.  God chose me that I may still be single at the wonderful age of 30!! That I may have the joy and privilege of cultivating relationships, meeting new people, and watching as God is using those He's brought into my life to sharpen me and push me closer to Him.  And unfortunately for some of those He's brought across my life path, they may never know the impact they've had on my life.

There is a hope and dream deep within my heart that desires to share my life with another, to have the joy and experience of brining life into this world and following God's will that my future husband and I may be able to raise our kids as children on fire for God, that they'd always know His love and that He indeed has an amazing plan for their lives.  But with that said, I don't want it to be an idol, that I make it my goal in life and miss out completely on all God has for me right here... right now!

Remember those scripture cards I mentioned earlier... it has been a tough resolution to maintain, but here is a glimpse of January 1, 2012 thru today (April 23, 2012)...

Each of those cards is digging me deeper into God's word, and each has a corresponding prayer on the back side, that I may truly live out God's plan for my life and walk out His promises for me within His word.  In addition to the cards, there's one of my greatest joys and passions... singing and right now worship music is on continuous repeat in my car, on my iTunes, in my head.  I leave you tonight with the parts of the song on repeat as we speak...

Yeah, let me fall down at Your feet
Feel Your presence all around me
Don't let go until I am closer
Closer than I've ever been

Until I find myself in all Your glory
Until I'm weak enough to seek Your strength
Until I know that I am held by mercy
Until I am closer, closer than I've ever been

So break this heart of mine if it means
That I'm letting go by holding on to You

~ Mark Schultz, Closer Than I've Ever Been (2011)

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