Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Don't Hide Your Heart

Someone once told me if I can’t verbalize what I want to say then maybe I should write it down…so here it is, just for you (my readers)…

All the questions in my head Are from my heart instead Be real to me now That's all I'm asking Be real somehow More than anything More than anything So lay down the sword And put away the doctrine Love a little more, love a little more 'Cause everybody's broken ~ Real to Me, Nichole Nordeman

You’ve got one foot here and one foot there…which way will you choose? I’m not here to judge, just an observer of the life I once led. No time for this or that, but just enough time to pursue that which only fulfills for a little while. Could I be wrong? Of course, so then explain your heart to me. I’m here, I will listen, explain to me all the things you are, and all the things you want to be, but whatever you do please don’t hide your heart. Be honest with yourself, be honest with God, and be honest with others. Try the life of vulnerability, of letting others in...truly, deeply…not for me, but for you. You might find a little less stress, a little more time, and a lot more contentment. Contentment is not bad, it’s not settling, it’s trusting in where you are at any given moment is right where you should be. I believe in you, that’s all you need to know…but at the same time I have to leave…I have to keep running the race. Just know that whether broken or “whole” there is always work to be done.

Be real to others, be real to God, and be real to yourself.

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