Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sometimes it's GOOD to go Home!

So here I am back home in good ol Coppell...in the same room I grew up in. Of course since I moved out over 3 years ago a lot has changed in here...in other words my parents made it a guest room with somewhat nicer furniture than what I took from them. : ) That's okay...I kinda feel like a princess in a bed fit for a queen. I do love it here...not matter how much I stubbornly fight God on this issue right now...I'm right where I need to be. Plus I know it is only for a season and an amazing season it will be as I continue on the journey He has laid out for me...a journey in which I'm learning me, I'm learning what I love, what I don't love so much and the boundaries of life that need to be set. All this in just the 2.5 weeks I've been back home, oh gee I can't wait to see what else is up ahead.

I went for a walk in the coolness of this evening and that is what really spurred me on to blog this little bloggity blog. Although much has changed in Coppell, so much is still the same. The path I walked tonight brought back so many memories of running to train for cross country and the many walks to and from school. One path came with a little wall I liked to walk along when I was in middle school. I had my backpack on and flute in one hand, while swinging the other as I followed the brick wall until it ended. I also walked past the elementary and middle school I attended and there was the memory of running the perimeter of both schools for cross country practice on early mornings before school started when it was nice and cold...I wonder if I still have the stamina to run that path or if I even remember the path. I think I'll save that task for another evening...when it gets a bit cooler. : )

So, you see...although this is not exactly what I had in mind for this season of life (I was hopin' I'd be rockin' a little bling and planning a really big party involving a beautiful princess dress and penguin outfits) I love where I'm at. Why? Because sometimes the life we plan for ourselves gets better when we let go and let God in to plan all the details.

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