Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Story to be Heard...

I had some time to kill the other day before class so I headed to the cemetery to visit my nephew's grave site. Kinda strange I know, but there always seems to be a peace when I go there. Life kind of stands still, even if just for a moment. I have one friend who always questions why I go there, knowing full well that the person I'm going to visit is not actually there. I'm not sure what it is, but I find it to be a safe place and those times I go to visit little Billy's grave or even my grandfather's (who is resting there as well) I find that I have so much to say. So much of life (good or bad) to share with them. I know they aren't there, but I guess seeing their names written in the ground opens the floodgates of words for me.

The point of this blog is to note what I observed on my most recent visit to the cemetery. I got a bit turned around trying to find my nephew's grave site and as I was turning around to go back in the right direction I paused for a moment. I noticed an older man in the distance visiting a grave site of a loved one and for a moment I just wondered what the story was behind it all. I wondered if it was the love of his life that he was visiting, if it was a child or grandchild, niece or nephew. I realized that every person there, whether in permanent rest or visiting, all have a story. My grandfather had a story, and my nephew, as young as he was had a story too. I watched with a happy heart, a compassionate heart as the man stood there for a moment with his head bowed, blew a kiss and turned to get back in his car. It was such a heartwarming moment, to know that even though there are loved ones that have gone before us to help prepare the way for us, they will forever have a place in our hearts, they will forever have a story to be told. I believe that Avery will be the one to share with her future brother or sister about Billy just as my grandmother has filled in all the gaps in the story of my grandfather for me and my siblings.

I just wonder how much time we take now to sit and listen to our loved ones share their stories while they are still here on earth with us. Do we make the time or are we always too busy? Lately being too busy just sounds like an excuse to me (and I do it too, regretfully). I just never want to be too busy that I miss something...whether it be big or small. There could be a ton of time left for us, or there could be just a short time...not to be depressing or morbid, but do you know who knows your story? Do you know who can share it with those you go before?

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Red said...

Very good stuff....I am with you...there is something about being at the graveside of someone you love..I still go to my granfathers...and my great aunt...and sometimes my friend Chris. The world does stop and the words come..even though they are no longer there. There just isn't anyone who can take their place...or move my heart like they did. Their story moved me...impacted my life forever...and it's the closet I can get to them this side of heaven. Your question is slow down and not miss those who are present...rethink priorities. Thanks Cristyn.