Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tears into Diamonds?

Have you ever wondered what God does with the tears we cry? 

We know He catches them, but then what?  Does He place them in a jar like we do to lightening bugs in the summer?  Does he use them to fill up the oceans, rivers, creeks, streams, lakes, and ponds of the world?  Or is it possible that maybe, just maybe He returns them to us in diamonds?  

I've been thinking about this over the last week or so and I wonder if what we see and feel as pain sometimes God turns into beauty.  Like when the unexpected loss of a loved one seems to much to bear only to be given the gift of another life soon there after?  Even the ability to celebrate a milestone in life on the anniversary of the day we sent one of God's children home to be with Him?  Those are moments where I see tears turn into diamonds... what about you?  I realize we often times have tears of joy, I finally had one of those moments after 14 months of tears of sadness the other day.  Those moments I haven't quite figured out, but when I do I'll let you know my theory.  For now I focus on how God takes what we see as unbearable and painful and is able to turn it into something good.

We know that everything works together for good for those who love the Lord so then why can't God turn our tears into something beautiful?

"I am sure that God who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you in his grace until his task within you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns."
~ Philippians 1:6

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DFTH said...

Inspiring..thanks for this dramatic, yet inspiring insight.