Monday, December 28, 2009

Time & Hot Cocoa

What a random title I've composed... what can I say, I guess when you hit blog number 100 you start to fade in the creativity department. Oh how I hope not, I anticipate many more blogs to come, way surpassing the 100 mark.

Time has been a big thing on my heart lately though, and oddly enough my most thought provoking moments come late at night over a cup of hot cocoa (or coffee, depending on if school is in session or not). I don't know what it is about time, but with it comes so much revelation, change, and the hope of new promises and possibilities. As I type this out I'm staring at a sign posted on the back of my bedroom door. It includes a thought provoking statement that represents this season of life for me and within the statement is the word "time." The other day I was thinking back to where I was 2 years ago and when I thought about it I realized that I don't even recognize the girl I was 2 years ago... time has brought a lot of change. I used to think that time and change were bad. That time seemed to take forever to pass by and that anything that changed only brought frustration and stress. As I've learned to grasp hold of both concepts I see God changing me. What changed me nearly 2 years ago was the reality of life and death... how quickly they both come. The reality of needing to grow up, to embrace change and trust in the one holding me in His hands all came as a result.

When I stop and think about time and change and how much they intersect one another, it brings tears to my eyes. There is a part of me that wishes so much that I could have what changed 2 years ago here with me now, but then I realize that change and the time that has passed is what got me to where I am now... a blessed land. It's funny, I'm only 28, but still life has not gone at all the way I thought it would. I'm realizing that's okay, I've seen that in the midst of the unplanned it's really not that bad. In fact, I'm finding that with my "plan" I'd probably be a lot more lost, still trying to embrace both time and change.

Time brings change and sometimes change takes time. Be patient dear friends, for it will all make sense in the end.

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