Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have You Heard?

I have a new nephew.  His name is Nathan Ryan and he's just awesome and cute!  I guess somewhere along the way as he grows up I'll have to start calling him handsome instead of cute, but until then...

His birthday is March 25, 2009... he came at the perfect time and is such a gift to my family.  A year ago I don't think any of us would have expected such a wonderful blessing from the Lord, but He is a good God, a God who redeems and heals and now here we are.

Nathan has a big sister, Avery who is now 3 (she just had a birthday too) and she is so good to him.   She loves reading to him and hugging and kissing him.  She's not too fond of sharing him, but she will for she is compassionate and understanding.  When he cries she will be the first to try to calm him down with "it's okay Nathan, it's okay."  She's a great big sister, and I'm not gonna lie, her Mommy is the best of the best in this area...

Nathan has a big brother as well.  Billy preceded us to Heaven.  We miss him very much, but we'll see him at the right time.  I wonder sometimes if Nathan and Billy already met.  After all God knows us before we are even conceived.  We are all created out of His image and knit together within our mother's womb.  I hope the boys got to play before Nathan made his entrance into our world... maybe that's why he waited a couple of days past his due date to meet us.  Nathan is such a wonderful gift and blessing and when I look at his sweet (handsome) face I see a little bit of both his sister and his brother.  I look forward to watching Nathan grow up and seeing how God uses him to advance the Kingdom.  What an amazing testimony this little boy is and what a treasure.

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