Friday, August 8, 2008

The Adventures Continue

I realized after I finished my blog on Wednesday night that I had forgotten to mention the dolphins we saw as we were sailing Tuesday evening. We tried to get a picture, but were not too successful as they like to go in and out of water too quickly...oh well, we plan on spending more time at the beach so we'll look again.

Speaking of the beach, that's where we spent some time yesterday afternoon. We went to Folly Beach out here (I couldn't tell you where it is in relation to anything) and after an hour to an hour and a half we were a bit fried (not literally, just physically). We washed off the sand and headed to a cute little bar on the pier by the beach. While we were figuring out all the other fun things we want to do while I'm out here the sky got a little overcast. It was about 99 to 100 degrees when we headed the beach yesterday, but when we stepped out from the bar it had to have dropped about 20 degrees. We started walking down the pier (got a few more pics...I promise, they're coming) and the wind got stronger and stronger. We watched as people started packing up and heading home off the beach and the sand as it was blown sideways down the beach. It was an interesting moment to see and feel as a storm was blowing in and luckily we didn't get poured on.

After our crazy adventure at the beach we headed back home where Martin was barbequeing ribs and chicken for dinner (he had a couple cop friends join us for dinner). It was a wonderful dinner and afterwards Jess, Martin, and I got a sneak peek at a television show (filmed in Wilmington, NC...home of 'Dawson's Creek' and 'One Tree Hill') that is due to premiere on Fox in the fall. One of Martin's cop pals, Cory Broadwater, is a cop on this new show "Whittaker Bay" so he brought over one of the episodes on DVD for us to view. I won the award with keeping up with all the characters and who did what and who was who...I think everyone was impressed by my ability to keep track of useless knowledge. It was fun and I got to meet a local television star, and if you know me I'll be sharing that story for years to come. Tom Hanks may have a little competition! : P

Alright, today we are headed to the Irvin House Vineyard on Wadmalaw Island. We'll take more pics and get the other ones posted ASAP!

Check ya later,

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