Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good-bye South Carolina!!

Ok, today is my last official day in good ol South Carolina. Yesterday was a very calm and low key day for me. Jess and I both woke up not feeling well so we decided to lounge around the house and watch a movie (we watched "License to Wed" so funny and so good). After that we went and got our nails done and then off to eat a quick bite and I got to witness as Jess and her mom had vocal rehearsal (they are part of a vocal performance group out here called 'Sweet Adelines'). It was interesting...the group is great, but not really my cup of tea. I joked with Jess that she was in a Jazz hands performance club.

After that wonderful adventure we headed to some friends of Jess and Martin's. Jess and I hung out with the wife (Melissa) while Martin and some of his other cop buddies hung outside throwing darts and drinking beer (what most guys do outside...I think). We had fun talking girl talk and watching the was intense a few times, I'm not sure I can handle watching the Olympics consistently.

About 11:30pm (EST) we decided we were wiped out and headed home. It was a good day to lay low as it rained most if not all day. Today we are back at Jess's work and then in a bit we will head towards the airport (we have a couple of errands to run before I jet set back to the land of the living). I'm glad I had this wonderful adventure/experience, but I'm also looking forward to all that awaits me back home.

Oh, and I forgot to share one very fun fact about my brother and his wife are expecting another baby (a boy to be exact) in January/February of next year. Please keep them in your prayers as they transition from having 4 kiddoes to 5 and that it would be a smooth pregnancy for my sister-in-law. I'm sure I'll be sharing more as the months go by.

Good-bye South Carolina!
~ Cristyn

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