Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adventures with Atomic Farts...

I have the wonderful joy and honor of continuing my side career of professional babysitter...a position I have every intention of maintaining at least until I get married one day, and even then I might keep up with some clients (some people are just too hard to say good bye to). And tonight has been no different...with an adventure at every turn. I've been babysitting this young boy since he was 3-years-old and now he is 8...crazy how time flies. He definitely has a never ending energy about it, but it's perfect for me because it keeps me going and distracts me from my own little adult world all full of crazy (and sometimes stupid) thoughts. Needless to say, next to being an aunt, this is the best job I have.

After a yummy dinner at our favorite dinner place, The Corner Bakery, we came home to video games. I gave Star Wars a time or two and quickly gave's just not as exciting as Smash Brothers on Wii. Thus we began the never ending battles of Smash Brothers...where Andy picks a different guy every time (because he knows all their individual tricks) and I become bound and determined to master one character before I can move on to another (usually I give up and change anyway knowing that pigs will fly before I win a round at Smash Brothers). Tonight I got to know Wario...apparently the evil twin brother to Mario. It was pretty funny...he rides a motorcycle, only to jump off of it, blow it up, and occasionally eat the parts. But better than that...he shoots out atomic farts, yes it's true...I never thought farts would make me laugh so hard. So as I placed Andy to bed tonight we had a great laugh about Wario eating tires and other junk, where I then made a joke about that being the explanation for his atomic farts. I love that I made Andy laugh...that was the absolute best part of my evening. Kids make adults laugh all the time, but very rarely do you find kids laughing at a joke from an adult. It's good to know I still have a sense of humor with the kiddoes I watch.

So that's my story about atomic farts...nothing too exciting, but definitely worth sharing.

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