Sunday, August 3, 2008

Starting Over

"Back to the drawing board," she claims with a bit of a sigh. Hope has been deferred once again, but not completely crushed. This time the drawing board doesn't seem so far back and it comes with new expectations, new hopes, and new dreams. Settling just isn't an option and having her mind made up for her doesn't seem fair either. So she begins to draw, she draws not an object, but the prayer that rests in her heart, the hope that ceases to exist. She's waited her whole life for God to bring this to pass, for the time when everything just seems to align. She wonders, "should I take a step forward, a left, a right, a step back, was there something behind me that I missed?" But then a peace comes and rests gently in her, a peace that surpasses any and all understanding that she has ever had. The smile reappears on her face, the sparkle in her eyes, and the glow of her face all return just as it was before. She suddenly realizes that all this time she has been looking down, that someone somewhere told her to look down so as not to stumble, not to fall. She then begins to look up and forward to see what it could be that she has been missing by looking down. Hope is what was missing all this time, hope that was planted in her heart so long ago suddenly seemed so hidden and lost. So as she looks up and moves forward she trusts that she will not stumble, she will not fall. She instinctively knows to step over this hurdle and go around that one, she has no fear of what might happen, but rather faith of what could be.

Original Post: August 27, 2007

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