Sunday, August 24, 2008


Wait - stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens

"Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about."
~ Acts 1:4

I attended worship service at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship this morning and it was so amazing. The senior pastor, Pete Briscoe, has been teaching on evangelism the last few weeks and today he shared some amazing truths about the lost that surround us, the ones that we love on and fellowship with that do not know or realize the truth behind the gift of our Savior. But beyond that God used what Pete was teaching to speak deeper to me and deeper into my season of life right now. The way I see it right now is God has striped me of everything (well, not EVERYTHING, but definitely things I was clinging onto for stability/support). But God sees it so differently and He spoke to me today...or at least He started to. I know there's gotta be more, especially knowing how amazing God is and seeing all that He has already done in the last few weeks.

I'm looking for a new job right now, and it's not fact it's a little frustrating and depressing. I want to shout at the top of my lungs from the rooftops what an amazing employee and asset I would be to any company, but alas that's not really feasible. So I keep searching...but then today happened and I wonder if there is so much more to this season than looking for a job. I'm 26 and I'm tired of doing something just to get by, and the last job I had was amazing and taught me so many valuable lessons and stretched me way beyond what I could have hoped or imagined. But that job was a huge blessing and sort of landed in front of me, could that even happen twice?

So the one word that stuck out more than anything in today's message at church was "WAIT." God told the apostles in Acts to wait where they were, not to leave or move...that what He had promised them would be coming and that when it did then they could make their next move. I couldn't help but think that maybe that is God's word for me as well. Maybe I am to wait for a designated period of time, for in that time God will fulfill what He has promised me and what He has laid out for me and then, when that comes to pass, I can step out to do all that God has created and purposed me for. I get a little weary on words like this because I don't want to misinterpret what God is saying/teaching, but at the same time I don't want to be disobedient.

There has been a very small window of encouragement for me today as there is so much unsettled around me and so much heartbreak that sometimes I find it hard to be strong enough to reach out to Him, to even trust that He truly does have something so amazing just waiting for me on the other side. I do know Him though, I do know that I hear from Him through the Holy Spirit living in's just a matter of working through the fear. I guess now with no other distractions going on I can focus more on overcoming the fear and starting to trust the one who loves me more than anyone at a whole new level.

I share all this to be truly transparent with you (the reader) and in hopes that you too will find a way to let your guard down and be truly real with those around you, those who you love and trust and even the ones you hope to guide into Jesus' arms one day. I have two words to leave with you and they have become my focus of prayer these days...peace and joy. I pray that God will restore the peace and joy in my heart that has been missing lately.

So long for now...
~ Cristyn

P.S. I posted a pic of my new hair just in case you were wondering how it looked...

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