Monday, August 11, 2008

One Tired Texan Girl...

Phew! This has been a wonderful vacation, but I'm worn out. I love that I came here to spend time with my beautiful, younger cousin...but more importantly I'm so glad that I threw caution to the wind and let her make all the plans (sort of). I've tried so many things and the last two days have been no different. Yesterday (Sunday, August 10) Jess and I took it slow in the morning and I even had time to talk with my precious friend, Krissy on Skype...all the way from South Africa (It was awesome). After a slow morning we headed to the Southern Bridal Show (or something of that sort). It was awkward as Jess just got married in February and I have no intention of getting married (or even thinking about it) anytime soon. But, her photographer from Charleston was there and wanted her to come by, we even got in for free because of it. So, we chatted with him for a bit and then watched the fashion show. I'm not gonna lie, it was fun seeing all the dresses, tuxes, and bridesmaid gowns...but I'm not ready and that is okay...I at least got some free food out of it. Oh and get this (Dad would be so proud), while in one line getting food from a certain caterer I noticed that the sign for "Crab Dip" did not say that...instead it said "Crap Dip." I kindly informed the caterer and she just laughed, she noted that no one had noticed all day long (it was now 4pm). I joked that she may not get any clients if they think her dip is crap (she laughed, don't worry...I didn't offend). I was kinda proud that I have such a good eye for these things...maybe I should find a job as a copywriter.

Anyway, after that the real fun began. We headed downtown and played through a couple water fountains and I bought some cards and little gift for my niece, Avery. We then headed up to the top of a hotel rooftop for drinks and appetizers to watch the sunset. it was really pretty and I'm so glad I got the experience. Jess and I had a blast talking some more (I don't think either of us has been quiet since I got here) and we called my dad so that he could resolve a debate for us (it was stupid, I won't share the gory details).

Today we headed into to work so Jess could get some stuff done and so I could finally upload our pictures thus far. After that we headed to Isle of Palms (another island out here) and the beach. I had some requests for 'hellos' in the sand and will be sending those out tomorrow probably. We had a wonderful time, it was the perfect day for the beach and my tan is getting darker and darker by the day. After the beach we went into a couple little shops and I purchased some more gifts for my other precious nieces and nephew (Hailey, Mckenna, and Niko that's you...Will, I'm still looking for your gift). And then to The Boathouse for dinner and another beautiful sunset on the water. Unfortunately the service wasn't great, but the sunset on the water was well worth the experience. I even had fried green tomatoes and crab dip...I'm trying all kinds of new things, even if I don't like them all.

Alright, tomorrow is my last full day in South seems I've been here forever. I look forward to coming home on Wednesday evening and catching up with friends and continuing along the new season that God has set before me.

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